Our concept of Sustainability

Union’s efforts relating to sustainability come to fruition in the polluting emissions reduction programme.

This involves seeing the personnel as the cornerstone of the company’s activities. The concept of environmental sustainability, a responsibility towards the community that is home to the Union’s plants and to its own workforce, is therefore inextricably linked to the quality and safety of the working environment.

For a better future

Union has invested in the strategic area of the environment,  all its buildings are now completely independent in terms of energy production, achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions of 42.1% and 66% of Particulate Matter (PM.)

Furthermore thanks to the automation of the loading-unloading procedure, the new installation has significantly increased the safety levels for the workers.


The quality of our equipment cannot be disassociated from the quality of life of those who work at Union.

A low environmental impact ambient where safety, noise control and green areas are integrated with the most advanced technologies. Union is made to allow all employees to best express their talent, creativitySolar power is an extremely reliable source of energy that creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Solar energy provides the great benefit of energy independence for the company, and a higher level of healthy environment for our employees and passion.

Over the past few years, further significant investment has been made to increase the green energy in our company.

The main investment regards the installation of solar panel in our factory buildings. Furthermore, there has been a huge investment in safety at work, through the actual structures and specific training, which has achieved significant results in all sections of the company.