Heavy duty dry cleaning machines, designed to clean and degrease leather gloves, workers overalls and more, with solvent perch. Available for various loading capacities, all stainless steel made.
The ML – MD 8000 series include three cleaning modules of 60, 80 and 100 Kg capacity respectively and several high efficiency distillation modules.
According to the chosen distillation module it is possible to use up to three cleaning modules in the same configuration.
All main module components, including base solvent tanks, are built in stainless steel.
The DIALOG PLUS computer controls the cleaning module, All cleaning modules have as standard feature electronic speed control with programmable basket rotation speed inverter.
The automatic cleaning of the basket rear wall allows the removal of lint, assuring maximum performance over a longer time.
The refrigerator condenser battery and the heating battery are fitted with quick connections to allow easy maintenance avoiding the loss of freon into the air.
The extra large aluminium loading door is fitted with a control lock which prevents the door from opening and is controlled by the DIALOG PLUS computer. The opening angle is optimized in order to simplify as much as possible all garment loading and unloading operation.
For easier access during normal maintenance operations, all access doors are of large dimensions and, in order to guarantee maximum operating safety all access points are protected against accidental openings through electromechanical controls and equipped with pneumatic and automatic door safety locking.


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