The Ideal Drycleaning system for alternative solvents
The Ideal drycleaning system for you.
UNION, as always at the forefront of industrial drycleaning tecnology, presents a new range of models working with alternative solvents establishing a new standard in terms of performance, qualità and ease of use.
High-speed extract of 800 rpm means the cycle period of these machines is unequalled.
The wash drum is mounted on a special shock absorber and anti-vibration system which makes the system extremely stable and complete eliminates any vibrations to the ground surface.
New ITDS drying system with extra large fan can cut drastically the drying time whilst keeping the machine totally safe. The efficient refrigeration unit is divided into three separate segments for simplified maintenance and reduced downtime.
New vacuum still system HCS (Hybrid Charge System) with multi-stage gravitational water separator complete with Electronic level SENSOR PLUS to prevent foam and guarantee a pure distilled solvent.
DIALOG PLUS, the heart of HL-HP 800 series.
DIALOG PLUS represents the latest advances in computerized machinery control technology introduced by Union. It allows you to program temperatures settings and basket speeds step by step.
UNION’s IDROMATIC still cleaning system with PNEUMOSTILL waste transfer completely removes distillation residues. It allows you to scrape the interior still floor from the outside, it then automatically pumps out all residue into a waste container for shipment and safe disposal.
New NEW-TECH cable system for easier access to electrical connected component.
The new UNION HLM 800 models are available as 18, 25 and 40 Kg capacity.


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