UNION Perc drycleaning machines

Exceptional cleaning, economy and ecological performance is achieved in the new UNION XP-XL8000 / L-P800 series, available either in a slim front, portrait foot-print, perfect for workshops with limited floor space, or alternatively with a wider front design with two or three tanks.

The UNION XP-XL8000 / L-P800 series are perfect for continuous distillation cycles. The distillation can be steam fed or alternatively supplied with a built-in mini boiler regenerating the appropriate amount of cleaning solvent before the end of each cycle.

The UNION XP-XL8000 / L-P800 series offer considerable reduction in occupied space. They include all standard UNION innovations and exclusive technical features exclusive to UNION products.

The DIALOG Computer makes your dry cleaning system even easier to use. Convenient access to the generously sized double lint filters and button trap, water separator with sight glasses for easy inspection.


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