Multi solvent

The ideal dry cleaning system for alternative solvents , the ideal dry cleaning system for you.
Alternative solvents such as hydrocarbon are not completely new but are an evolution of petroleum products that were first used during the last century. They are practically odourless, have exceptional cleaning properties, and are excellent for the cleaning of delicate, coloured and synthetic garments. They are also compatible with most printed colours and preserve fibres better.
UNION, always at the forefront of industrial dry cleaning technology, presents a wide range of models working with alternative solvents, establishing a new standard in terms of performance, quality and ease of use.
New high performances drying system can cut the drying time drastically whilst keeping the machine totally safe.
UNION’s automatic still cleaning system with PNEUMO STILL waste transfer, available on demand, completely removes distillation residues. It allows you to scrape the interior still floor from the outside. It then automatically pumps out all residue into a waste container for shipment and safe disposal.
New NEW-TECH cable system for easier access to electrical connected component.