The first series of machines designed to dry-clean with the Kreussler System K4.

Thanks to an intelligent design, pending international patent, UNION has developed a series of machines dedicated to Kreussler K4 , optimised for top results from the new cleaning system.

Union began to study this new solvent some years ago, and today is the only manufacturer in the world to have machines available working with Kreussler K4 in three different continents: Europe, America, Oceania. 

Excellent cleaning results, softer garments, brighter colours, easier and faster ironing. 

Cleaners are highly impressed by the cleaning performance on fat as well as water soluble impurities, and by the low number of garments to be re-cleaned. Dry-cleaning shops which were already familiar with the use of hydrocarbon solvents, have praised the cleaning performance and the final consistency of fabrics. 

Solvon K4 is a biodegradable solvent and has been dermatologically tested . 

The Solvon K4 solvent must be used exclusively in purposely designed machines and may not be used in a traditional hydrocarbon machine. UNION K4 machines allow short cleaning cycles with a lower energy consumption compared to traditional hydrocarbon machines. 

The K4 range includes models of between 15 and 40 kg loading capacity, for the perfect treatment of regular garments, knitwear, leather garments and furs. 

The System K4 product range includes the halogen-free solvent and a special range of pre-spotting and reinforcing products. 

Dry cleaning machines available for testing the Kreussler K4 system are at our clients' full disposal both in the UNION factory in Bologna and through our major international distributors worldwide.




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